Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekend Gypsies - The Purple Trail

The morning was a disaster but we had retrieved it this afternoon. First of all we thought we would head to Snetterton Sunday market, we arrived there to find that although the market is still advertised it's long gone, just a handful of dusty looking shops there. So then we decided to head off to nearby Banham car boot sale, we got there to find they now charge 50p entry. I was all for heading off at that point but Mr A said to pay it as we were there, 30 minutes later we are on our way again, complete waste of time and money, apart from the cute dog photo.

We then drove 20 miles to Brandon country park, where we stopped and had a picnic. After this we followed the 3.5 mile purple trail through the forest and then around the park. It was a lovely 4 mile walk (we wandered off the path here and there) despite the fierce wind. The sun mostly shone and temps reached 22c. So nice to experience a warm day at last. We saw what may or may not be a bullfinch, another couple of chiffchafs and a Jay. There were lots of butterflies around though I didn't manage to catch any with the camera. Oh and we also saw an invisible man and lots of humping frogs.

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