Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Gypsies - Sunshine, Aldeburgh, Captains Wood and Various Flying Things

On Saturday morning we woke up to a glorious blue skies - and a ground frost! Cold not withstanding we decided that it was too good a day to waste much time indoors, we have waited so long for sunshine. So donning warm jackets we headed of to Aldeburgh. It was cooler on the coast of course but we weren't the only ones making the most of the crystal clear blue skies and sunshine. Have you noticed that the sun always seems to put a smile on people's faces? I swear the birds and the animals were smiling too. After a while we moved on elsewhere, but first here's an assortment of photos taken at Aldbeurgh. (The slideshow is sometimes slow to load initially)

Early afternoon and we decided to head inland for a while, we took ourselves off to Captain's wood.
Captain’s Wood is a most extraordinary wood quite different to any other wood owned by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Unlike the dense thicket of the coppices of Bradfield or Combs Woods, Captain’s Wood has an open airy feel with space between the trees where fallow deer roam through one of the greatest expanses of bluebells in the county.
We were too early in the year, especially with the late spring, to see bluebells but we did see two herds of fallow deer (at a distance of course.) We also saw lots of butterflies, in particular quite a few peacocks were fluttering about.

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