Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Felixstowe Wings on Waves

Lucky for me the forecast was wrong and the sun shone for the Wings on Waves event at Felixstowe. This was my first attempt at photographing planes in action, though as you can see I couldn't resist a few candids before the display. The event was to celebrate 100 years of sea planes, it may have been a small display by some standards but it was an excellent day by mine. The only problem I found was the parade starting early, I had to run to catch the few photos I did.

There was an appearance by the rare Catalnia Flying boat, the Trigg aerobatic team who put on an excellent display in their Pitts Special S-1D Biplanes, there was a Cessna Bird Dog and a Beagle E-3 Auster AOP11 who did a mock dogfight and last but not least a Spitfire (Supermarine 509 T9) which was piloted by Caroline Grace. (No I've not become a plane geek, Google was my friend)

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