Friday, 2 August 2013

Norwich Pride 2013

It might not be as big and as famous as Brighton Pride but Norwich Pride is certainly a day to remember. A lot of effort was put in to making this a memorable day, from Picnic in the Park through to the after Parade entertainment. There were some great costumes, some great acts and most of all a great atmosphere.

I took far too many photos and still I don't think I did the people or the parade justice. (I must find a better spot for parade snaps next year.) As usual I tried to capture the "flavour" of the day,taking photos of people attending, people watching and people dressed up as well as the acts I watched.

Norwich Pride 2013 Part 1 - The Forum & the Park

Norwich Pride 2013 Part 2 - Picnic in the Park

Norwich Pride 2013 part 3 - The parade (beginning and end)

Norwich Pride 2013 Part 4 - Millenium Plain

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