Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Demise of Picasa

So Google, in their infinite wisdom have decided to end Picasa, or , in their words, moving on. All albums are now available on Google Photos. Nowt wrong with that, they have been since the inception of Google photos. What is annoying though is that Google Photos do not have an easy way to upload, title or organise albums. More importantly there is no way to embed a slide-show or grab a handy link as there is in Picasa. A lot of Bloggers use the slide-show facility from Picasa, especially as there's nothing else out there (that I can find) that does the same. So OK Google, end Picasa but please give us away to embed a slide-show.

Unless I can find a solution this may be the last slide-show posted on this Blog:

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

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